Sunday, February 27, 2011

Organ Donation - you really do it for you than for others!

Do we really understand the importance of organ donation? Do we realize how big a step it maybe towards humankind and that it is something we do more of ourselves than for anyone else...?
Sameer Dua, Founder & Chief Catalyst at Gift Your Organ, thinks we don't as yet! 
The below piece is a "Direct dil se" note by him, where he is  trying to understand  the gaps are in our mind and what is than emotional quotient that will get us to pledge our organs.
A few days back, I sent a message to some of my contacts stating that Gift Your Organ Foundation was now set up and that our social media pages were also up. Soon after, I received a call from a friend of mine, who said that while speaking to one of his friends, he was asked that 'if a person donates an organ, can he get preference if and when he needs an organ?'. I was a little taken aback and responded back saying that 'your really don't donate your organs - you only are pledging your organs and most organ donation really happens only in the event of a brain death, this is as far as all the organs are concerned - eyes and certain other tissues,etc can be donated in case of other causes of death as well).  

That conversation has remained with me over the last 4-5 days and I am wondering, do people donate only for something in return? Clearly, this person understands that there is a huge need and a shortage of organs and hence he wants a preference in receiving organs. Inspite of that, there is concern in pledging his own organs, unless he gets back something in return (??). 

What will it take for people to wake up to understand that their organs are taken only when they don't need them. Whether then the organs are burnt, buried or donated - it will not matter to that person! However, while you are living, at least you can derive satisfaction that you have pledged your organs, and you will remain useful, inspite, and after, your death. 
Just look at the parents of the 11-year old, who donated their son's organs after they lost him to road accident. That one noble gesture by them has probably given new life to 4 other humans...and this is their way of making their child invaluable. Read the news piece here. I bow down to these parents.
Remember, your alive organs will also die in the event of brain death if not donated in time! Some people seemingly would much rather let that happen, than donate their organs! Also remember, chances are that you may need an organ at some point of time in your life and at that point, you will pray for someone to donate theirs to you. 
Direct Dil,
Sameer Dua
Founder & Chief Catalyst
Gift Your Organ

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