Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life after death.. The mystery behind this!

Gift your organ.. hmm.. wonder how I never thought about this until 3 weeks ago!
Thank god for Tina who actually brought up this topic with me.. she started to talk about the whole initiative of organ donation and how for a change we can use our country’s huge population towards making a difference to mankind…… and while she was talking about the cause, there were these flurry of thoughts running in my mind… “Would I pledge my organs?”…”Of course I would”, “Why wouldn’t I?”, “What would I do with them anyways!”, “And… won’t hurt, will be a painless affair!!” (P.S: I have an absolute phobia towards injections…hence the last thought!)
I know not all of us can take a decision on such an important matter this easily… and that’s why we have formed the “Gift Your Organ Foundation” – a platform to educate, inform, make aware, sensitize, help accept and finally pledge your organs. An initiative that is going to work towards teaching you how to continue to celebrate life even after you are gone!
You must have heard of “Life after death” and always wondered what that could be – Well it’s exactly this! Allowing your organs to function in someone else’s body and gifting life to that individual IS Life after death…. Yeah I know… sounds logical now that you see it this way….good!
Ok, so would you pledge your organs to gift life to an absolute stranger?
Did you just say “Yes”, then you can stop reading this and move on to writing to meJ about your views on this and your consent to pledge your organs. Thank you!
Oh, you aren’t sure… ok.. let me start guessing what your reason could be… and yes I am really controlling myself from replacing “reason” with “excuse”…. Yes, Sameer, I know.. I should have said “excuse” J
Anyways, so here’s me listing out the few reasons I can think of…if you have more…write to me… would love to see how creative you can get and if my responses are any match to your reasons.
BTW, I am not listing any religious or medical reasons as yet…
Reason 1: I’ve had a very active life…all kinds of food, drinks…crazy sleeping habits…I’m not sure my organs are healthy or good enough to be donated.
Really? Did your doctor say that to you? Or maybe you have a friend who is a medical expert and he mentioned this to you? No…. then don’t worry, just pledge your organs… only when doctors complete certain rounds of tests will they actually transplant them.. so leave this for them to worry about..ok!
Reason 2: After I’m gone it’s anyways going to be very hard for my family to run their basic expenses, I don’t want to burden them with this additional cost.
Valid point with a very simple answer – your family will have to bear no cost for this process, so relax.
Reason 3: Its already going to be so traumatic for my family to see me dead and to perform all of the rituals.. if I donate my organs, my body is going to look even worse and make it even harder for them.
Organ donation is such a noble and selfless act that it will give this warm, positive aura around your body that everyone will be able to sense, including your family. Infact if your organs were to be donated, your family is going to have a very positive topic that they can talk to people coming in to pay their respects… it’s going to make them look at your death from a very different point of view. As far as your body looking good…. Well…. We believe that the doctors try and do the best they can so as to not ruin your body… and you even care about how your body’s going to look after you die!
Reason 4: This whole thing sounds really painful!
Haha! You are so me!!
Remember – you are dead! Even though your organs are functioning, your brain has stopped working and is never going to support your body anymore, never-ever.
Reason 5: I am still young, I would probably pledge my organs, but a little later in my life…not as yet.
Ok, so here is Fact No. 1 – If you pledge your organs, they will be donated only after you are dead, not before! So it really doesn’t matter whether you are young or very young!
Reason 6: This is a great initiative and I’m sure a lot of people will come forward to pledge their organs, guess me one person not pledging isn’t really going to be that big a deal!
Did you know that one clinically brain dead person can save upto 50 lives! So yes that one number makes a difference…. and remember you are doing this for you and for the person whose life you are going to save.. what does it matter if there are many more doing this!
Wow! I think I’m done with my first round of reasons and reasoning.
Seriously people, get practical, get sensitive, look around you at people who are waiting for an organ, be selfless and pledge your organs. And you know what, you don’t want to pledge..fine..don’t… but will you atleast help spread the message so others can know about it and do something about it? Yeah? Good!
Celebrate Life at Gift Your Organ!

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